Here's my take after using Herbalife weight loss shakes myself. | Herbal Shake Shop

June 13, 2020 2 min read

I'm a bodybuilder that with covid 19 was sidelined like millions of others unable to go to the gym.
So i decided to see exactly what this Herbalife regimen was about.
I ordered there Herbalife Protein Coffee for starters because i felt i needed a little extra boost in the mornings.
Ive never really been a early morning person so i was hoping this would work and in actuality is does.
I noticed after a day or so an energy boost and that i wasn't struggling to get out of bed as much in the morning.
I also noticed a slightly higher metabolism because since i'm 50 my metabolism has slowed where i've noticed those extra pounds weren't as easy to get off.
Let's just say i was a prime candidate for a an Herbalife weightloss routine a well needed one.
I started supplimenting protein shakes for my usual meals to cut back a bit on my fats and carbs intake.
But believe me any real attemped diet takes focus and discipline in order to work.
But after a week i noticed a difference in my waistline it was pretty amazed but i knew this was just a start and needed to continue further down my weightloss journey.
I tried different flavors because i'm pretty picky when it comes to tastes so finding the right Herbalife shakes flavors wasn't too difficult i found i liked pretty much all of them except chocolate.
I'd mix my Herbalife rasberry tea drinking it after each ashake oh i added the aloe tto each shake also for digetive purposes since i mix them with milk and not water.
They're actually delicious! Most who've never tried Herbalife will be amazed at how delcious they taste.
I've hated protein powders but they're easy to digest and don't have a chlky after taste to them.
I favor the pumpkin spice shakes but they're seasonal which is a bummer because i'd use that flavor everyday if i could i seemed to nev er tire of it.
But i honestly must admit that if you take these Herbalife weightloss shkes as recommended you'll see a difference in a few days.
Energy and weight wise but you've gotta stick with and be dedicated to your weightloss goals no question.
I'm a satisfied customer and can definitly recommend Herbalifes weightloss line to anyone that asks my honest opinion.
Email personally if you'd really like to know more.